Understanding Affiliate Marketing: Your Time, Location, Investment Independent Passive Income Stream and Asset

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is all about

CONTROLLING the FLOW of traffic
Adding VALUE to that traffic
And MONETIZING that traffic

Let me elaborate it a little.

You go to work. You exchange a full month of your finite life, and in return, somebody pays you some money. Hopefully lots of money, but oftentimes, not as much as you might have liked or are worth. And then next month, you have to exchange another month of your life, for another paycheck. But as you know, at the end of the month, there’s usually very little left. If anything at all. So next month, you’re at it again. Trapped, basically, for most people, for the rest of their lives.

But if you master how to GENERATE traffic (free traffic or paid) then you can create traffic flows. That you control and thus can get paid for them!

Little pipelines of people that have similar interests, that you drive into an OFFER and then you sprinkle some affiliate magic in there (read pre-sell) and BAM! You turned that pipeline of similarly interested people into cash flowing online assets!

Now, this is not like a house or commercial property or stocks and shares. You don’t actually buy these assets. You build them. Usually for FREE (unless you go the paid traffic route). And there’s NO RISK attached. No investment needed. And you end up with tiny little AFFILIATE Links littered around the internet. Creating traffic flows to merchants that will PAY you for the people from that pipeline that turns into CUSTOMERS.

Now, most people are bad at this. They post an affiliate link in their social media and wonder why they didn’t get a sale and then they write off affiliate marketing as some hocus pocus that doesn’t work. But here’s the thing:

It DOES work! they just didn’t know what they were doing! People have been doing it all their lives in their spare time and making money out of it! And it has worked that whole time, and it continues to work. Nobody can turn it off once it gets going. It’s simple, but it’s not obvious to most people. And unless they know what they’re doing, it doesn’t usually work.

So here’s the OVERVIEW of the basic AFFILIATE MARKETING formula that shall work;

  • Find a good niche with a quality offer that pays well and converts well
  • Generate free (or paid) traffic with people that are interested in SOLVING a problem related to the niche you chose in the step above.
  • PRE-SELL that traffic (reviews, recommends and comparisons are great and easy for this)
  • Now check your stats and wait for the sales to start pouring in.
  • Now rinse, and repeat.

That’s IT!

Now if done WELL, this is like printing money… It’ll be the easiest thing you ever did!


Done badly, you’ll be moaning it’s too saturated, or doesn’t work, or some other similar nonsense.

Now, instead of exchanging your life for money, you are creating little digital assets here there and everywhere. And over time, these assets compound.


And sometimes commissions can be as HIGH as $500+ per sale!

But maybe even more exciting is some of these commissions can be “recurring” commissions. So you get paid every month from the one sale you sent. And the next, and the next.

With the craziness of a recession that’s coming soon, it’s important you start working on building PASSIVE INCOME ASSETS that can be built from the confines of your homes.

If you are interested in building these passive income streams and assets, Affiliate marketing is the way forward!

Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • It can be run from absolutely anywhere in the world (Location independence)
  • 100% PASSIVE income (Time independence)
  • NO stocks to buy (Capital independence)
  • NO investment needed (Start with ZERO money)
  • NO dealing with customers that expect too much from you (No customer service)
  • NO grinding every day just to stay afloat (Stress independence)
  • Recurring income or high commissions (Wealth generation)
  • Somebody else creates the sales process and closes the customers (Passive income stream)
  • An amazing skillset that will set you up for life if mastered
  • Perfect for Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced alike
  • Cherry on top: Its flip-able!

Can you think of any online millionaires that have not done some kind of Affiliate Marketing, at some point even if that’s not their ‘main gig’? Affiliate Marketing is like a RITE OF PASSAGE.

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