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Where meetups will be taking place?



17 January


31st January


7 February


13 February
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21 February

*Dates are tentative

Who is this event for?


for amazon newbies

This event can be attended by people who are seeking roadmap to jump in Amazon Business

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Freelancers / Va's

If you are service provider / VA — then this event is for you to learn cutting edge ways in business


Sellers / aspiring sellers

If you are selling already or wanna be seller soon, this event is for you


For Eo cava students

This event is for EO CAVA students — to meet and greet



If you are investor and want to learn about ways to invest better — then this event is for you


The venue for the meet-up shall be communicated to the prospective attendees only who have RSVPed to the event.

These are tentative dates — final dates would be communicated to shortlisted participants via email.

Yes, It will be one day event — a day at the weekend.

These meetups can be attended only by shortilisted partcipants. You would not be able to bring in guests with you.

January 3rd, 2021 is the last date to RSVP for this event.

The last date to RSVP is January 3rd, 2021. We won’t accommodate anyone after the said date.

It is going to be a one day event in each of the mentioned cities with time ranging from 11:00 am-4:00 pm. Let’s enjoy some of that crisp sun together !

You will have to RSVP to the event selecting city —where you shall attend the event.
Once we have received your RSVP, you will be contacted by our Support Team via Email for further details on the subject.

This event is largely EO’s funded event except for the very nominal token fee in order to ensure reservation of your slot. Shortlisted participants will be communicated later about further details. The event will be absolutely free to attend for EO CAVA Students.

We do not provide details of other attendees. Please use the Facebook group to enquire about others going and to arrange transport or accommodation.

Shortlisted participants can attend only in one city they chose. 

Interested to be part of upcoming event?

Let us know where you want next meetup to be?