EO-Video Wallet App is the gateway to access EO learning materials. Currently available for 

Latest Version of EO Video Wallet Coming soon
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EO Courses Access Gateway

All future educational content from EO would now be available through these Apps only. These apps are available for Desktop and Android.

EO Video Wallet Coming soon for Apple iOS and Mac

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How to Install EO Video Wallet

On Windows PC

Download EO Video Wallet

Install EO Video Wallet

On Android

Download EO Video Wallet

Change mobile settings to allow downloads from external sources.

Install EO Video Wallet

System Requirements for Window PC


EO Video Wallet is allowed to be installed on 1 device only and shall be accessible from the device you logged in for the first time—for lifetime.

How to Get Course(s) Access?

  • Go to Ecommerce Outset Portal → portal.ecommerceoutset.com
  • Sign up for account → Not on Ecommerce Outset? → Fill in the account details.
  • Enter the email in “Facebook Email” field – the one that is your primary email on Facebook. (Your EO Portal Email id and Facebook email ID can be different or same it won’t make a difference. Just make sure your EO Portal account’s FB Email field has same email as your FB primary email)
  • Copy your Facebook URL and paste in the URL field
  • Sign Up → Registration Successful. Please confirm email. Check spam folder if not found in inbox.
  • Verify your account with the link in email received in your mailbox.

If your account already exists on EO Portal, do the following

  • Login to your EO Portal account
  • After Logging in your Portal account, from top right hover menu  → My Profile
  • Fill in the personal information
  • Write your Facebook profile URL as https://facebook.com/YOURUSERNAME
  • Note: Make sure you write Your Primary Facebook email(can be found here) in FB email field in the form.
  • Update Information
  • Download the  Video Wallet setup for Windows

Fulfill pre-requisites to Install EO Video Wallet (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7)

1) Install Microsoft Edge Webview2 from this link

2) You must have .Net version 4.7.2 or higher.

(Make sure Check for windows updates and install Wallet after you have installed all windows updates prior to installation of EO Video Wallet)

  • For android, Download and install apk file 

* One user can only install and use EO Video Wallet in 1 device only from which they’ll initially login

  • After adding/updating your personal information in your account on EO portal.
  • Run EO Video Wallet app in your device and login with Facebook
  • Accept EO App permissions so you can successfully apply for EO AAB access.
  • After logging in through Facebook you shall get this message: ”Thanks for registration. You will get an email once approval process is done.” 
  • Please refer to FAQs section to resolve if any error comes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please refer to FAQ section if there is any error to in downloading or applying for EO Course(s) access, if it is not stated in FAQs section, reach out to us at Support button below or email us at [email protected]

Login with Facebook in order to apply / access EO Video Wallet and Course contents.

No, you can run Wallet app on one device only, from which you registered initially. Either Windows PC or Android phone.

  • First refresh your page with F5.
  • Clear your PC cache and temp files. Type “Storage Settings” in start menu à Temp files à delete all except Recycle bin and downloads.
  • If the above options do not work reinstall the app and try again.

Alt key + left arrow or Switch Course (in top right hover menu when a video is being played)

That’s because you have already registered through desktop Wallet app. You cannot use Wallet on multiple devices.

This appears because of multiple reasons:

  • Portal account “FB email” field does not have same email as FB primary email. Login your EO Portal account > Click on Top Right Hover Menu (under your name) > My Profile > Update “FB email” field same as your primary FB email here.
  • FB primary email is not added because your account is on a phone number therefore an email needs to be attached to your account. Do it here
  • Your primary FB email is not verified, verify it from Fb account settings.

If you are on Windows 10, ensure that Windows in your device is fully up to date. You can also download .NET framework from here. Update/upgrade your windows to install latest version of .NET framework, note that EO Video Wallet Requires at least 4.7.2 version of .NET framework in order to run EO Video Wallet app in your Windows device.