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Exclusive for EO-CAVA and EO-AAB Students

Candid Connections

At the Outset

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Grab the opportunity of meeting the eminent Rizwan Zaffar in your city this June and exchange uncontrived ideas vis-à-vis amazon business in general, local ecommerce landscape and your career goals with him.

Thanks for your contribution, RSVPs have been closed NOW!

Where meetups will be taking place?



June 19th, 2021


June 20th, 2021
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June 26th, 2021


June 27th, 2021

There will be pitstop meetups on some locations too, which group members can also join.

Sahiwal | Gujranwala | Peshawar | Sialkot | Faisalabad | Rahim Yar Khan

*Dates are tentative

Who is this event for?


For Eo AAB Students

The event is for AAB students for them to meet and benefit from Rizwan Zaffar.


For Eo cava students

This meetup is being conducted for EO-CAVA students to meet and greet with their course fellows and trainer Rizwan Zaffar in person

Our Events

Past EO Events held in different cities of Pakistan on the event Amazon Business – The EO Perspective  


Where and when does the event take place?

The venue for the meet-up shall be communicated to the prospective attendees only who have RSVPed to the event.

What is the last date to RSVP?

June 15, 2021 is the last date to RSVP for this event.

Are dates final?

These are tentative dates — final dates would be communicated to shortlisted participants via email.

Would my registration be counted after RSVP last date?

The last date to RSVP is June 15, 2021. We won’t accommodate anyone after the said date.

Will it be one day event?

Yes, It will be one day event — a day at the weekend.

Can I bring someone else with me?

These meetups can be attended only by shortlisted participants. You would not be able to bring in guests with you.

Can I attend in multiple cities?

Shortlisted participants can attend only in one city they have selected. 

How do I reserve my slot?

You will have to RSVP to the event selecting city —where you shall attend the event.
Once we have received your RSVP, you will be contacted by our Support Team via Email for further details on the subject.

Can I know who else is going?

We do not provide details of other attendees. Please use the Facebook group to enquire about others going and to arrange transport or accommodation.

Thanks for your interest.

RSVPs Are Now Closed